What style of Martial Arts do you teach?

The style we teach is called Isshinryu. It is an Okinawan style that combines the best elements of Shorin-Ryu and Gojo-Ryu. The style emphasizes speed and snap techniques thrown from natural stances making it one of the most practical forms of self-defense.

How are classes conducted?

At Impact Karate Center, students progress through a specially designed curriculum for their age and rank. In each class, students will work through stretches, calisthenics, practical self defense techniques and criteria for their belt rank in an atmosphere that is extremely supportive and motivates each student to perform and strive for his or her personal best

When are classes?

Impact Karate offers a variety of scheduling options for students. Our school operates from Monday-Thursday. Most programs have several days and times available to each student. Students are encouraged to attend class twice a week. See our schedule for the most up-to-date times.

How much are lessons?

Impact Karate Center offers various programs to match each students budgeting needs. Most programs include unlimited classes; testing and certificate fees are always free. Call today for more information.

Do you offer family discounts?

Yes, the first family member will pay full tuition, the second family member is discounted and the third family member is free. There is a small fee should you have a fourth family member. We believe, that a family that kicks together, sticks together. Call for more information on our family plans.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You will never have to worry about being locked into a program and paying for classes your child won’t utilize. Agreements can be made on a month to month basis and require a sixty (60) day cancelation notice.

How do I get my child started?

Getting started is easy. Choose the program that best fits and sign up for your 30 day trial program. It’s FREE and includes one full month of classes. Your first class is by appointment only, call TODAY!