“When Jesse began taking lessons I didn’t think he would stick with it. Boy, was I wrong about that! He is hooked. Sensei Joe makes classes fun and enjoyable. We appreciate you teaching Jesse and giving him something he can carry with him for the rest of his life… a sense of pride and self-worth and a feeling of accomplishment.” Mr. and Mrs. Christmas

“The commitment to the whole child and not just the Karate has made us extremely happy with the program. The charts at home, karate dollars, word of the month, pizza parties and parent involvement day all demonstrate your commitment to our children. They have learned focus, routine, raised their self-esteem and felt a sense of accomplishment all from your program. I am thoroughly impressed with Impact Karate Center. Thank you.” Mr. and Mrs. Fisher

”Crystal was not particularly fond of physical activity and she was not very coordinated before she joined Impact Karate Center. Now, I watch her doing push-ups and sit-ups correctly, getting to her feet as fast as she can, and performing kicking and punching technique with skill. She doesn’t complain at all about the physical demands of class. She personally wants to do the exercises quicker and better then before. Crystal’s state of mind, physical fitness and coordination have improved tremendously since she started taking class.” Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt

“A friend remarked that we pass two Karate schools on the way to Impact. Fortunately for Lucas, connivance didn’t factor into our decision to encourage him to take Karate. The level of instruction, personal attention and excellent character of Impact Karate Centers staff did. The sincere interest that is taken in Lucas’s performance and overall success encourages and stimulates him to achieve his best. It has been very rewarding for us to see Lucas develop a passion for karate and to see his confidence grow with each achievement. We owe this all to Impact Karate Center!  Mr. and Mrs. De block

“The program at Impact Karate Center has helped Krysten develop as a healthy – responsible child. She has much more confidence in herself and has learned to handle little conflicts with her classmates in a smart way. We love the Lil’ Kicker Class. Sensei Joe has taught Krysten how to take care of herself both mentally and physically.” Mr. and Mrs. Manley

“Since my foster children have joined your program I have seen a major improvement in their self discipline. This is the hardest I’ve ever seen them work at keeping their commitments and achieving their goals. It’s really been a blessing to have a person like Sensei Joe in their lives – Thank you. Your school is truly family friendly and is an experience worth sharing with everyone!”  Mr. and Mrs. Goucher

“Since our son Logan has started attending classes at Impact Karate Center we’ve seen a big improvement in his confidence. He loves attending class and completing the necessary work to earn the stripes on his belt and the stars for his uniform. Sensei Joe makes each class fun while incorporating the fundamentals of exercise and karate. And we like the fact that parents are very involved with what’s going on. Completing the “homework” assignments with Logan has been great because each lesson carries through to his everyday life. We look forward to watching our son continue to thrive as he practices Karate at Impact Karate Center.” Mr. and Mrs. Gagné

“We have noticed two big benefits as a result of our son training at Impact Karate Center. One, has been a major improvement in his self confidence. Two, has been the increase in his ability to follow directions. We also like that Sensei Joe incorporates issues that we might be working on in school or home into Karate class discussions… or one on one discussions with Alex. We very much appreciate that effort!  Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz

“We were having a hard time finding a sport/activity that our son would enjoy and commit to. Impact Karate Center and Sensei Joe have been the answer to our prayers. As a teacher myself, I am truly impressed with the quality of instruction. We shopped around and it was a very easy decision where we wanted our son to take lessons. It’s obvious how much time and effort goes into planning the weekly lessons. Sensei Joe is very personable and really cares about each individual’s experience. We can’t say enough about how pleased we are…I know Impact Karate Center will be long standing in our community.” Lisa Dunne and family

“Our boys had about three years of previous experience at another dojo. I thought they loved it before; but since we started at Impact Karate… it’s even more obvious they love it. I like how you treat the kids with respect and you always take your time in explaining new and old techniques to them. I believe an instructor can make a world of difference – and you have succeeded in this.  Thanks for doing such a great job!  Mr. and Mrs. Lesak

“I thoroughly enjoy every class that I attend. Not only have I physically changed… but my attitude, confidence and outlook have really improved. I owe that to your classes. You keep me motivated and dedicated just by example. I’m addicted!  Thank you for everything!” Carol Boeser

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