Meet Sensei Joe

Who is this “Sensei Joe” guy?

Thanks for asking.

I’m not particularly good at talking about myself but I think it’s important that you know a bit about the guy behind Impact Karate Center. So, here it comes.

I’m a teacher, a coach, a motivator, and above everything else a passionate Martial Artist! I provide individuals and families with self-defense, fitness and life skills training. I love the fact that through Karate training I’m able to help people live healthier, more exciting lives.

I am still a devoted Karate student striving to learn and get better in my style, Isshinryu. In today’s environment where Karate schools and styles are often times over commercialized and watered down, I feel fortunate to be studying a style rich in history.

My training in Karate started twenty three years ago with a gift certificate my parents got me for my eighth birthday. I’m sure they never imagined the profound effect it would have on my life. You see, Karate is more than the ability to kick and punch. It has provided a set of standards and principles to live by. Standards and principles I still live by today.

As a young kid, I quickly learned how to work hard and take pride in my Karate lessons. This led me to take part in competitions where I applied that same dedication and determination. I enjoyed numerous successes at the local, state and national level. This success granted me a tremendous amount of confidence to believe in myself and go for what I wanted. It also gave me a sense of faith and confidence that guided me throughout my teenage years.

My training continued and as a young adult I became an instructor helping to teach kids classes. I learned the value of responsibility and the importance of helping others. All of these little lessons that Karate training gave me helped prepare me for the most awesome experience of my young life, taking over as owner and operator of the Karate dojo from my long-time instructor- John Ingram.

Okinawa Japan

I traveled to Okinawa, Japan and trained where the forefathers of Karate trained. I brought back a renewed faith in what Karate can offer its students. I also continued to take part in competitions, only this time it was as a coach. I was able to travel across the nation and to some of the most exciting and rewarding places–like my brothers corner at the Junior Olympics.

I owned and operated my dojo in Palm Harbor for almost seven years before selling it to a long-time student and friend – Dean Lavas. Since then I have gone on to own a couple of other businesses but honestly, nothing that gets me as emotionally charged as my work in the dojo. Which is why I decided to open Impact Karate Center. I’m a huge believer in what good Martial Arts training can do for people. Whether their looking for fitness, self-defense or just a positive environment to be a part of – I know Karate will have a major impact on their lives!

When I’m not at the dojo teaching or training I am spending as much time as I can with my family. My wife Jamey and I have been together over fifteen years and we have two wonderful sons Joe and Jack. Together they are my biggest source of inspiration.

And now that you know a little about me – I’d like to know more about you and what your goals are with a Martial Arts program. After all, the important thing is what you hope to achieve through Karate training.

Best wishes and I’m looking forward to talking with you soon!

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