Helping kids deal with bullying!

Impact Karate Center – a Wesley Chapel/Zephyrhills
Karate school teaches kids how to
“Defeat the Bully Without Violence”

Back to School Season is here! Most parents are busy getting all of those much needed supplies to help their youngsters have a successful school year. But there is one, often overlooked supply, that when missed can cause a child to have a horrible school year. And that is knowing how to deal with the everyday Bully.

“Bully’s can be major distraction for their victims. Victims of bullying suffer damaging blows to their self-esteem and often become loners,” says Joe Trinkaus, a local Self-Defense & Child Success Expert. But there is a solution! And that solution is empowering children with “non-violent” mental and character skills that cause them to be immune to Bullying. Joe Trinkaus would be happy to share some very timely information that all local parents can benefit from, including…

• How to Easily Spot and Read The Bully.

• How to Defeat The Bully WITHOUT Violence.

• The Secret Word That Always Stops The Bully In His Tracks

• The Little Known Strategies For Dealing With Mental Bullying

• Easy Strategies That Cause Bullies to ‘Keep Walking’

• How to Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Bully

Sensei Joe Trinkaus has been empowering kids in Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills through his Martial Arts program which teaches much more than kicking and punching. He invites all families whose children are being bullied to attend his program for a month. It’s FREE! This way they learn the strategies necessary to defeat the bully without violence.

He is available locally via phone and in person. Contact him directly for information regarding the program at Impact Karate Center (813)779-6199 or visit the website at

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