Wesley Chapel / Zephyrhills Karate School Focuses on Self Discipline to Help Children Become Stronger, Smarter, and More Successful!

As part of Impact Karate Centers Character Development program, students are learning valuable lessons about Self Discipline. They will be discussing and practicing the following concepts that will quickly enhance their Self Discipline:

• What is self discipline and how does it help me?
• What helps or hinders my ability to be self disciplined?
• Where and when can I use my self discipline?
• What rewards come from disciplining myself?

We all want our children to develop the ability to see things through without the need for us to stand over their shoulders making sure they do it. Children who develop self discipline are more productive and successful than their less focused peers because they can complete the goals they set out to achieve.

No parent can make their child more self disciplined. The very concept of self discipline shows that the rules, drive, control, perseverance, and discipline must come from the “self” or the “inside” rather than from the outside world. However, we can help children develop self discipline by providing opportunities to exercise it and recognize it.

Joe Trinkaus, owner of Impact Karate Center, believes classes provide opportunities for both physical and personal growth. “Impact Karate Center’s curriculum gives our students the ability to acquire, practice and use the skills that will help them become and stay disciplined their entire lives. Our students realize that becoming self disciplined is one of the main keys to a successful future.

“As an instructor, my goal is to help students become the most amazing, happy, and successful people possible and teaching self discipline is part of that” says Joe Trinkaus.

Impact Karate Center invites the entire town of Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills to take advantage of their FREE TRIAL to help start themselves and their families on the path to a more productive lifestyle. In addition, anybody that stops in or calls to register will also get a FREE T-Shirt as a way to say “GREAT JOB” for valuing your future success!

For more helpful information about Impact Karate Center’s character building programs, or to take part in a FREE Character Building Lesson in Wesley Chapel or Zephyrhills call (813) 779-6199 or visit www.impactkaratecenter.com. Programs tend to fill up fast – to guarantee an opportunity to build the foundation for success, call (813) 779-6199.

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