4 steps to helping kids with self discipline

We all want our children to develop the ability to see things through without the need for us to stand over their shoulders making sure that do it. Children who develop self discipline are more productive and successful than their less focused peers because they can complete the goals they set out to achieve. You’re right. No parent can make their child more self disciplined. The very concept...

12 Reasons every child should study Karate

It’s generally accepted that children should be exposed to as many diverse activities as possible to broaden their horizons, help stretch their interests and hone their personal skills. With the many activities available to today’s children, why is practicing Karate so different and uniquely beneficial? While there are many answers to this question the following will provide some things to...

Impact Karate Center's Seven Step Success System

Students who attend Impact Karate Center are a step up on others because we teach them  important life skills and how to develop them to their fullest. Our program uses a series of lessons constructed to give your child the tools they need to kick down the doors of their own self doubt and develop the skills necessary to accomplish anything they want.  Here’s how it works… Physical...

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