12 Reasons every child should study Karate

It’s generally accepted that children should be exposed to as many diverse activities as possible to broaden their horizons, help stretch their interests and hone their personal skills. With the many activities available to today’s children, why is practicing Karate so different and uniquely beneficial?

While there are many answers to this question the following will provide some things to consider…

1.  Many activities are either seasonal or short lived in nature. They don’t give the child the benefit of a long term continuous learning and growing experience.

2. Most sport endeavors deal strictly in physical activities and add very little to mental and personal development.

3. Many activities are team oriented and while teamwork is certainly important, it does not allow for individualized training, systematic personal growth and differences in ability.

4. Competition in many activities can be so fierce that if a child does not perform as well as others on the “team” he/she feels like a loser (which is horrible for self-esteem)

5. Most Karate programs are extremely motivational in nature. This encourages a child to stay involved for long periods of time, enabling them to reap the benefits of self accomplishment.

6. Most traditional karate programs use a belt ranking system. If broken down properly, it enables a child to have a series of winning experiences (small steps to success), which many doctors and educators agree is essential to improving self esteem and self image.

7. Karate training will improve concentration, which will have a major impact on school grades.

8. A structured Karate program emphasizes and teaches respect, self-discipline and focus which many educators and national leaders believe to be missing elements in today’s youth.

9. Karate training teaches hand eye coordination and motor development skills, which helps children in all their other physical activities.

10. Karate teaches self respect and respect for others.

11. A good karate program will teach goal setting which then becomes a practice that’s used for life.

12. Karate training, while usually done in groups, allows a child to work, develop, improve and grow at their own pace.

Again, this is not a complete list. But as you can see Karate does offer some unique benefits that when facilitated through a structured program, such as the one here at Impact Karate Center, children gain an experience unmatched by any other activity!

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